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The National Health Insurance Fund is a statutory health insurance scheme which was established by Parliamentary Act No.8 of 1999 in order to facilitate access to health services by the principal members and their dependants. The main objective for the establishment of the Fund was to administer the scheme and to formulate and promulgate policies for sound administration of the scheme.

Generally, employers and employees in the public sector are obliged by the Law to register themselves and contribute to the Fund a total of six percent of employee’s salary, equally shared between the employer and the employee, except uniformed servicemen whose contribution is 6.25% and paid by Government. The Fund covers members, their spouses and up to four children and/or dependants. The Membership size of the Fund has increased from 332,650 in June 2009 to 373,326 by June 2010, an increase equivalent to 12.2%. The beneficiaries have been increasing gradually from 1,830,375 in June 2009 to 1,971,251 as of 30th June 2010, equivalent to an increase of 7.7%.

Extension of membership coverage has been made possible through the amendments of the NHIF Act, which extended the coverage to include all public servants instead of the previous Central Government employees. The following groups were taken on board namely public servants, councilors and members of the Police force, Prisons, Immigrations, Fire and Rescue as well as other groups. As the scope of membership and beneficiaries increases, the Scheme is expected to ultimately assume its national role as the major universal social health insurance provider.

The Fund’s benefits package comprise Registration and Consultation Fees, Outpatient Services, Medicines, Diagnostic Tests, Inpatient Services, Surgical Services, Physiotherapy and Optical Services. An important inclusion and enhancement in the package was the introduction of the Retirees benefits for the rest of their lives, a great stride in the Scheme’s milestone. The services are provided to beneficiaries through the Fund’s accredited health facilities which include Government, Faith Based and Private facilities that are located throughout the country. Visit The National Health Insurance website for more information.


National Health Insurance Fund
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