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Traditional athletics is the common oldest sports in most communities in Tanzania before the coming of foreigners. The coming of foreigners and colonialists in the country introduced new sports such as football, hockey, netball and boxing. Athletics was reintroduced with modern international standards. However football is the famous and loved sport by most people in the country followed by basketball, netball and athletics.

Immediately after independence, the new Government of Tanganyika declared its intention to revive, reinforce and develop all aspects of culture including sports. In 1962, the Government formed the Ministry of National Culture and Youths which was entrusted with the duty of promoting sports and establishing a system that would meet national aspirations.

In 1967, the Parliament enacted Act No.12 of 1967 which established the National Sports Council (Baraza La Michezo la Taifa (BMT) entrusted with spearheading and coordinating sports in collaboration with national sports associations. To make sports universal, Sports for Special People (disabled) was promoted enabling them to participate in national and international competition. Games for people with physical disabilities include the deaf, mentally challenged and the blind. Moreover, women football is becoming very popular and Tanzania women footballers are already taking part in competitions in and outside Tanzania.

There are two famous football clubs based in Dar es salaam, that is Simba and Yanga, which have existed since the 1930s. These two teams have many fans and supporters. 

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