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Rules and Regulations are mandatory legal requirements  mandated by Acts of parliament as an intergral implementation mechanism of the law itself. They may apply to the central or local government, individuals or any other groups. These differ from directives which are producedural administrative promulgations concerning specific cases that involve particular authorities or individuals.  Rules and Regulations are usually enforced by a regulatory authority established for the purpose or any other authority mandated under the law. On this section you can get various Rules and Regulations.

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SNo Rules and Regulations Year Files / URL
221 The Petroleum (Interim) Regulations 2000 655.8 KB
222 Electronic and Postal Communications Licensing Regulations 2011 148.9 KB
223 Employment for Tanzania Experts on Foreign Organisations (in Kiswahili) 2006 24.0 KB
224 Annex on the Right of Establishment of The Common Market 2009 204.4 KB
225 EPC Competition Regulations 2011 73.5 KB
226 EPC Tarrifs Regulations 2011 31.3 KB
227 The Electricity(Places of Public Entertainment) Rules 1954 495.6 KB
228 The Electricity (Meter Rental) Rules 1957 14.3 KB
229 EPC CERT Regulations 2011 37.3 KB
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