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Land is an economic good of an increasing value. It plays a great role in the process of poverty reduction through wealth creation and hence uplifting the wellbeing of the people. The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development has been mandated to administer land and human settlement in Tanzania. It therefore provides various land related services to individuals and institutions in the country. The Land Administration Division of the Ministry of Lands was introduced so as to offer services on land development related issues. The division comprises three Sections and seven Zonal Land Administration Offices. The head of this division is the Commissioner for Land who is assisted by Assistant Commissioners for each section and zone offices. The general duties of this department include: Land allocation, preparing documents related to Rights of Occupancy, Land dispute settlements, overseeing all issues related to land administration and to advice the Ministry on such issues.

Legal section is one of the components of the Department for Land Development Services. The section is under an Assistant Commissioner. The duties of the section include advising on all legal issues arising at the department, such issues include dispositions of Rights of Occupancy, litigations and preparation of legal documents. The Administration Map of Tanzania shows the international boundaries together with the Regional and District administration boundaries. This updated map produced in 2012 includes the new regions and districts. The general public is hereby advised to adopt this official map in their documents whenever the need arises. Use of unofficial administrative map document is illegal. You can get information pertaining Lands sector services on this section. For more information visit 

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