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Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) advances since the end of the 20th Century have led to multiple convergences of content, computing, telecommunications and broadcasting. They have brought about changes in other areas, particularly in knowledge management and human resources development. Increasing capacity of ICT has further been empowered by the growth of a global network of computer networks known as the Internet. It has impacted the way business is conducted, facilitated learning and knowledge sharing, generated global information flows, empowered citizens and communities in ways that have redefined governance, and have created significant wealth and economic growth resulting in a global information society.

Today, the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) sector in Tanzania is completely liberalized and competition has grown in mobile cellular services, radio paging, internet services and data communications services. Another new income source is mobile money transfer and mobile phone banking (m-banking). The landing of the first fiber optic international submarine cables in the country in 2009 and 2010 has revolutionized the market which up to that point completely depended on expensive satellite connections. In parallel, the government has switched on the third phase of a national fiber backbone network to connect population centers around the country.

The National ICT Policy articulates ten main focus area in harnessing ICT in Tanzania which include strategic ICT leadership; ICT Infrastructure;  ICT Industry; Human Capital, Legal and Regulatory Framework; Productive Sectors; Service Sectors; Public Service; Local Content; and Universal Access. In a nut shell the ICT Policy is a reflection of national goals, objectives and aspirations as expressed in Vission 2025 including setting out digital opportunities that Tanzania can exploit towards meeting the Vision 2025.

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