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The contribution of research  in  development  cannot be over  emphasized.  The  main  goal  of  research  is to serve as an instrument through which to improve people’s living standards by stimulating growth and increased productivity in critical productive sectors of the economy. At the level of enterprises, research can bring about product innovations, product improvement, increased service efficiency, effectiveness, and improved performance in the market place.

Policies aimed at guiding research play an important role in planning national economic development. These policies have been changing with time to reflect societal needs. Principally, these policies have moved through three eras. The 1960s and early 1970s was the era of Science Policy whereas the 1970s and 1980s was the era of Science and Technology (S&T) policies. The 1990s to 2000s is characterized by Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). As opposed to the first two previous eras, the STI era emphasizes the role of science in national development, and it fully integrates research into the national development vision and implementation strategies. This ensures that the scientific and technological knowledge generated by research institutions is responsive to the socio-economic needs of the country.

History indicates that countries which have embraced well focused research policies have managed to create competitive economies. Indeed, one of the reasons for the dismal economic performance of many developing countries despite their natural resources endowment, is their inability to formulate and implement comprehensive Research and Development (R&D) policies on one hand, and their inability to use research results to harness their resources for improving livelihood on the other.





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