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Tanzania has a fully competitive Telecommunications sector. There are two fixed-line operators and seven operational mobile networks, with four additional players licensed. The national fixed telephone operators are the TTCL and Zantel. They also offer national and international mobile telephone services. The TTCL fixed-line network has been digital since 2004. However, teledensity for fixed-line has remained extremely low, with only around 300,000 lines installed and many out of service. The TTCL offers Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) with Basic Rate Interface, Primary Rate Interface as well as ADSL broadband services.

Until July 2009, the TTCL operated a countrywide IP network for local and international connectivity to the internet, using a 140Mb/s digital microwave backbone to extend internet links and CDMA wireless to reach fixed services. The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs reported the contribution of the communications sector to the GDP in 2007 to be as high as 20.1%. In addition, according to TCRA, tele-density  a measure of access to telephony and other ICT services of 100 people occupying a specific area or region has been increasing. In the year 2000 for example, Tanzania  tele-density was a mere 1%, but as of June 2008 it had risen to 25%. It was 43% by the end of 2009. Tanzania has one of the fastest growing ICT markets in Africa. This enormous growth can, however, be elusive, and should be interpreted with caution as it mainly depends on the number of subscribers as provided by operators. Caution in interpreting telephony statistics is needed due to the following reasons:

  • Most phone line owners are urban dwellers, so if the calculation of tele-density takes into account land area as a factor, the above figures will be highly reduced.
  • One phone may serve a household or be shared by several people in a work setting.


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