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Today technology has been an important resource for development and a source for competitiveness of both productive and service sector. There are two ways of acquiring the needed technology either through innovation or through technology transfer. The acquisition through innovation and invention need to be guided in order to achieve maximum benefit from them, hence a need for a guideline.

Development in Science and Technology is dependent solely on how technological innovations are being developed and utilized. The Government has formulated the National Science and Technology Policy (URT, MSTHE 1996), which requires to institute a mechanism for identification, promotion and development of special talents and aptitudes in S&T among Tanzanians especially youths in order to benefit from the rich tapestry of human intellectual capabilities necessary for national development.

In the Vision 2025 the Government emphasizes on stimulating and promoting a science culture and the culture of technological innovation in the society (Planning Commission, 2000).

There is a great need to institute guidelines and programs for identification, recognition, development and promotion of local innovators and inventor in the country in order to encourage creativity as well as innovativeness in the Tanzanian community.  These guidelines were developed by taking into account the situational analysis of technological activities in Tanzania, the mandates of relevant government and non- government authorities and the need to develop and make best use of innovation and invention capability of Tanzanians.

Science, Technology and Innovation Projects Science and Technology Policy (S&T Policy, 1996)
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