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The private mass media in Tanzania underwent rapid growth in the mid 1990s due to the liberalization of press freedoms. As a result, there are now a wide variety of public and private publications and independent radio stations operating in the country. Having not been introduced until 2001, television, by comparison, has not proliferated to the same extent; with the three main state owned channels having dominated the medium for more than ten years. However, the 2013 switch over to a country-wide digital signal has provided the platform for a much more diverse television service and has taken place a full two years ahead of the ITU’s (International Telecommunication Union) 2015 deadline.

About 6 per cent of households in Tanzania have a television, which equates to approximately 103,000 in the country as a whole. However, this number is increasing constantly and the number of televisions per 100,000 of population increased from 23 in 2002, to over 40 in 2005 (UNESCO).

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