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The Transport Sector in Tanzania has helped to integrate market strengthening competition, increase access to farming techniques, promote trade, tourism,  foreign investment, and has contributed to the government revenue. This was made possible through the implementation of a number of transport development and maintenance programs and reforms aimed at enhancing the provision of an efficient, cost effective and safe transport system in the country. There has been a sustained effort on the part of Government of Tanzania to create essential transport infrastructure and services to improve access to jobs, education and health facilities and also to facilitate domestic and international trade as well as strengthen regional integration and attract foreign investment. This socio-economic developmental scenario underscores the fact that transportation is pivotal to the overall development of Tanzania. Indeed, it is a key infrastructure sector that acts as a stimulus to socio-economic growth and also accounts for a large proportion of public investment. In this section you will find information pertaining Air, Railways, Surface and Marine transport services. For more information visit Ministry of Transport website.

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