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There are three types of Residence Permits namely Residence Permit Class A,Residence Permit Class B and Residence Permit Class C.Residence Permit Class A may be granted to a person other than a prohibited Immigrant who intends to enter or remain in Tanzania and engage in trade, Business, Profession, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, prospecting of Minerals or manufacture.

Residence Permit Class 'B' is issued to a foreigner other than a Prohibited Immigrant who has obtained specified employment in Tanzania, and the Principal Commissioner of Immigration Services (subject to recommendation by the Director of Employment) is satisfied that he possesses qualifications or skills necessary for that employment and that his employment will be of benefit to Tanzania.

Residence Permit Class "C" may be issued to foreigners intending to enter and reside in Tanzania for purposes other than those specified for the grant of Residence Permit Class "A" or "B". These include; students, researchers, volunteers, persons attending cases in Court of Laws, persons who have formerlybeen residents and are about to leave the country (i.e. winding up affairs), and persons attending medical treatment in hospitals. Requirements for Residence PermitClass "C" differs depending on the categories of activities that a foreigner intends to engage in.

However there is fee for each permit, the fee differ from each parmit type, the applicant for permit needs to meet certain requirements before issuance of the permit.For more information visit immigration website  

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