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Tanzania has the third largest Livestock population on the African Continent comprising 25 million cattle, 98% of which are Indigenous breeds, complimented by 16.7 million goats, 8 million sheep, 2.4 million pigs, and 36 million chickens.

The 20112/2013 National panel survey revealed 50% of all households keep Livestock (4.6 million households (62% of which are rural and 23% urban, with ownership patterns dominated by chickens (86% households), goats (48%), cattle (35%), pigs (9%), and other Livestock 10%.]

In addition to supply food products, Livestock play a major role as an engine for rural livelihoods and development. Livestock provides draught power, transport and manure as fertilizer for crop farming activities and potential energy resources through biogas technology for rural electrification and / or cooking fuel.

 In the section, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development providing livestock and Fisheries sectors salient issues to potential investors, importers of livestock & livestock products and Fisheries, students, academicians, researchers as well as the general public from national, regional to international level that wishes to know about the livestock and Fisheries industry in Tanzania. Click here for more details


Livestock Marketing Information TANLIS
Tanzania Diary Board Livestock Training Agency
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