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The Government issues circulars for the purpose of providing guidelines on new legislation, giving guidance on codes of practice or “good practice”, requesting information from interested parties in a defined legislative area and alerting interested parties when new Government publications or campaigns are launched. This section highlights various Government circulars formulated since independence, including amended ones.

SNo Circulars Year Files / URL
81 The Issue of Awards, Staff Circular No.2 1978 332.1 KB
82 Transfer, Staff Circular No.1 (in Kiswahili) 1978 233.3 KB
83 Terms and Conditions Applicable to Attendance at In-service courses, Staff Circular No.3 1978 1.1 MB
84 Amendment Slip A to Staff Circular No.3 1978 91.3 KB
85 Leadership Structure, Staff Circular No.2 (In Kiswahili) 1977 128.7 KB
86 Pre-service Training Allowances, Staff No. Circular 3 1977 279.2 KB
87 Allowances, Income Tax and Other Benefits for Non-citizen Employees, Staff Circular No. 3 (in Kiswahili) 1976 102.2 KB
88 Government Officers who are Elected to be Members of Parliament,Staff Circular No.2 (in Kiswahili) 1976 75.2 KB
89 The National Management Development Advisory Council, Staff Circular No.4 1976 347.9 KB
90 Amendment Slip A to Staff Circular No.1 (in Kiswahili) 1976 30.7 KB
91 Amendment slip A to Staff Circular No.5 (in Kiswahili) 1976 1.0 MB
92 The Advancement of Salary for Government Employees, Staff Circular No.2 (in Kiswahili) 1975 104.1 KB
93 Terms and Conditions Applicable to Attendance at In-service Courses, Staff Circular No.4 1975 893.6 KB
94 Allowance for Hotel Accommodation on Duty, Staff circular No.3 1975 98.8 KB
95 Maternity Leave, Staff Circular No.1 1975 115.9 KB
96 Leave and Cash Grants for Officer on Class 1974 395.0 KB
97 In Service Training Arrangement in Respect of University Courses Staff Circular No. 5 1974 1.0 MB
98 Advisory for Committees on the Employment of Non Citizens in Government Ministries and Independent Department Staff Circular No.1 1974 504.7 KB
99 Advancement and Maximum Salary Scale for Different Cadres of Government Employee Staff Circular No.3 1974 869.3 KB
100 Amendment Slip (in Kiswahili) 1974 830.6 KB
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