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Historical Perspective of Fire Fighting in Tanzania.

The issue of firefighting and lifesaving has existed in Tanzanian society since the traditional era. When a disaster occurred within the society an alarm alerted the people and they gathered together and gave each other responsibilities on how to deal with the disaster until it was solved, using the firefighting methodology such as fire beating.

Traditional methods of firefighting and lifesaving are still applicable in most rural areas of Tanzania, but they lack adequate backing from research and development activities for their improvement.

Today’s firefighting and rescue service worldwide are different from the traditional methods in the sense that they have a set policy to guide their work and relation with other institutions; use firefighting  trucks, medicine, chemicals and other equipment; have special training on how to prevent and protect society from fire and other calamities to save lives and property.

 History shows that scientific firefighting and lifesaving in Tanzania began in Zanzibar in early 1930 and on the Mainland it was after the World War II in 1945 that a regularized firefighting system was put in place. In both places, the activities of this body were placed under the Police Force.

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