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United Republic of Tanzania  
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In mid-1970’s the United Republic of Tanzania introduced a one party system that came to an end in 1992 following the re-introduction of the multi-party system.  The first multi-party general election was held in 1995. The fourth multi-party elections held in October 2010 brought in His Excellency Jakaya  Mrisho Kikwete from Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) as the fourth President of the United Republic of Tanzania for a second term.

The President of Tanzania and members of National Assembly are elected together by direct popular vote to serve five-year terms. The President appoints a Prime Minister from amongst constituent elected MPs to serve as his representative in the Assembly, as well as choosing a Cabinet, from among its members. The Constitution also empowers him to nominate ten non-elected members of Parliament, who are also eligible to become cabinet members. The Assembly is notable for its emphasis on women’s rights – 75 of its seats are women-only, divided among political parties based on their electoral performance.

The unicameral National Assembly elected in 2010 has 320 members. These include the Attorney General, five members elected from the Zanzibar House of Representatives to participate in the Parliament, the special women's seats which are made up of 30% of the seats that a given party has in the House, 189 constituent seats of members of Parliament from the Mainland, and 50 seats from Zanzibar. Also in the list are the seats for the 10 nominated members of Parliament and 5 Regional Commissioners. At present, the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi holds about 75% of the seats in the Assembly. Laws passed by the National Assembly are valid for Zanzibar only in specifically designated union matters.

Zanzibar's House of Representatives has jurisdiction over all non-union matters. There are 76 members in the House of Representatives in Zanzibar, including 50 elected by the people, 10 appointed by the president of Zanzibar, 5 ex officio members, and an attorney general . In May 2002, the government increased the number of special seats allocated to women from ten to fifteen, which will increase the number of House of Representatives members to eighty-one. Ostensibly, Zanzibar's House of Representatives can make laws for Zanzibar without the approval of the union government as long as it does not involve union-designated matters. The terms of office for Zanzibar's president and House of Representatives also are five years. 

Full Registered Political Parties as at October, 2010


Name of the Party


Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM)


Civic United Front (CUF)


Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA)


The Union for Multiparty Democracy (UMD) of Tanzania


NCCR – Mageuzi


National League for Democracy (NLD)


Demokrasia Makini (MAKINI)


United People’s Democratic Party (UPDP)


National Reconstruction Alliance (NRA)


Democratic Party (DP)


Tanzania Democratic Alliance (TADEA)


Tanzania Labour Party (TLP)


The United Democratic Party (UDP)


Chama cha Haki na Ustawi (CHAUSTA)


Progressive Party of Tanzania (PPT- MAENDELEO)


Sauti ya Umma (SAU)


Jahazi Asilia (JAHAZI ASILIA)


Alliance for Tanzanian Farmers Party (AFP)

Source: NBS (2010)

For more information visit: Parliament of Tanzania and
Zanzibar's House of Representative

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