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Dar Rapid Transit Agency is derived from a unique project we are implementing. We are implementing a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) branded “Dar Rapid Transit (DART) project to put Dar es Salaam city on the world map of modern urban public transportation.

DART Agency is under the Prime Minister’s Office: Regional Administration and Local Government, which was established in accordance with the Executive Agencies Act Cap. 247. It came into operation on 25th May 2007, through Government Notice No. 120, charged with responsibility to effectively plan, coordinate and facilitate the provision of urban transport facilities and services and to ensure improved traffic management in Dar es Salaam City.

Vision, Mission and Objectives

DART Vision

To have a modern public transport system at reasonable cost to users using high capacity buses that are environmentally friendly, operating on exclusive lanes and run on schedule.

DART Mission

To provide quality, accessible and affordable mass transport system for the residents of Dar which will subsequently:

  • enable poverty reduction
  • improve standard of living
  • lead to sustainable economic growth, and
  • act as a pioneer of private and public investment  partnership  in public transport

DART Objectives

  • To increase the level of mobility of majority of residents enhancing their participation   in a wide range of activities,
  • To promote the use of Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) by providing and improving relevant facilities,
  • To meet the continuous increase of travel demand of the City, and
  • Improve quality of urban development, landscape and proper land use plans along the BRT corridors
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