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In order for the National Assembly to deliver effective and efficient services, Article 87 of the Constitution provides for the establishment of the Clerk of the National Assembly. The Clerk, who is a presidential appointee, is the Chief Executive of the Office of the National Assembly responsible for the efficient discharge of the business of the Office of the National Assembly in conformity with the provisions of the Constitution and other relevant laws.

Article 88 of the Constitution provides for the establishment of the Secretariat of the National Assembly consisting of such a number of officers that will be responsible for ensuring the efficient discharge of functions by the National Assembly and Members of Parliament.

The main role of the clerk is to advise the Speaker and Members of the Parliament on House procedure and privilege. He helps the Speaker to prepare for each sitting of the House and sits in the Chamber at the commencement of each sitting. He also records formal decisions of the House and give procedural advice to the Speaker or other MPs as needed.

The Clerk advises on the practice and procedure of the House; the formal and informal rules which govern its everyday activities. Assisting the Clerk in these activities is staff of all departments in the Office of the National Assembly, who serve in a number of separate offices.

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