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Home Government Defence and SecurityTanzania People's Defense Force - TPDFThe Mission and Roles of the TPDF

The primary responsibility of the TPDF is to protect the integrity of the country’s borders and to assist in the maintenance of internal security. These roles are elaborated in the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania as both defenses of the United Republic and rescue operations to save life and property in times of emergency. The National Defense Policy (2004), elaborates the above mentioned roles of the TPDF to include participation in economic development and to participate in peacekeeping activities under the auspices of the UN and AU and the regional bodies, the EAC and the SADC.

Over the years the TPDF has lived up to expectations regarding its missions and roles. It has defended Tanzania during the war with Uganda in 1978 to 1979. In 1998, during the El Niño rains, the TPDF was employed to restore communications and infrastructure by building roads and bridges in the affected areas. The TPDF has also been used to support the police force in anti- poaching operations targeting armed poachers. In sum, the TPDF has been the last alternative when other resources fail or are insufficient. It is precisely because the TPDF would only be used as a last resort that it has maintained its stature in civilian eyes.

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