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According to the National Service Act No 22 Amendment 1975 the functions of the National Service shall be:

• To train young citizens of the United Republic of Tanzania to serve the Nation in spheres of social, economic
   development and defense of their country. 
• To impart military training to its members with a view to enable such members to qualify for recruitment or
   engagement as soldiers for the infantry battalions of the TPDF. 
• To participate in national defense.

The National Service also pursues a wide range of commercial, industrial and other production activities, which are calculated to facilitate the proper and efficient fulfillment of its mercantile roles and functions. The aim is to conduct these enterprises and activities in a sustainable and profitable way in order to make a significant contribution to the national income.

Prior to 1992, all graduates from high schools and colleges that offered diplomas or degrees for two years or more were mandated to attend 24 months of national service, during which time they served for six months in the National Service camps and the remaining time at their work places, where they remained subject to the code of service discipline. National Service training was suspended in 1992 and was later revived in 2002. The National Service has been restructured to meet the needs of the strategic, political, social, and economic environment of the 21st century. Up to 1992, the military was under the direct control of the political party, CCM, and training was based on socialist concepts of defense. With a multi - party political system, the military was removed from politics. Presently the national service is based on voluntary enrolment.

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