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The vision of community policing is to enable communities and other stakeholders have direct involvement in setting day to day local police priorities in exchange for their cooperation and participation in efforts to prevent and reduce crime and the fear of crime in the communities. The mission is to establish an active, strong and functional partnership between the police, community and other stakeholders through which crime, police service delivery and police community relations can jointly be analysed and appropriate solutions designed and implemented.

In a democratic society, law enforcement is a shared responsibility between law enforcement organs and the public. In this context, it is generally agreed that community based mechanisms of social control play a greater role than formal mechanisms based on traditional, reactive, enforcement-based policing. Greater community participation in policing is likely to have benefits for both police-community relations and actual levels of crime and disorder. This essentially draws its legitimacy from the Constitution whose Article 146(2) (b) dictates community based policing. To deliver the service the public deserves, Tanzania Police Force (TPF) needs to enlist the cooperation and participation of the communities it serves and other stakeholders. This is critical especially in a situation where TPF is experiencing shortages in terms of human resources and infrastructure. There is an assumption that organised and informed communities are a powerful weapon against crime if given opportunity to participate and offer input in matters relating to policing their respective areas. TPF in collaboration with communities and other stakeholders will strive to enhance awareness of basic rights and ensure adherence to a code of conduct by those responsible for the implementation of community policing activities, as well as observance of fundamental human rights in every aspect of their work.

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