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United Republic of Tanzania  
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On 9th December 2011,Tanzania Mainland commemorated fifty years of her independence. In the past fifty years of independence, Tanzania has achieved a number of things. First and foremost was struggle for independence from colonialism. It eliminated the colonial legacies in the political, economic, social and cultural system and discontinued the traditional chiefdoms for the purpose of uniting all ethnic groups into a single nation.

In 1964 Tanganyika and Zanzibar united and became The United Republic of Tanzania. Later in 1967 it adopted the Arusha Declaration with the aim of placing ownership of major means of production under the control of the people and to build an egalitarian and self reliant society undelying principles of socialism and self reliance. 

During the past fifty years of independence, Tanzania Mainland has succeeded in building the basis for a strong, stable and sustainable economy.The growth of the economy and increase in revenue collection has enabled the Government to expand and improve the quality of social services such as education , health, human settleement and water which are now available to people.

In addition, there has been great improvements in the infrastructure sector, particularly transportation, compared to the situation before independence. The country managed to construct all weather roads connecting all regions in the country, expand  the railway network including the construction  of the Uhuru Railway (TAZARA). Communication has been made easy through voicemail, internet and cellphone.

This section highlights the 50 years of Independence celebrations, At national level, celebration was held at Uhuru stadium showered by traditional dances, mass games display by children, parade from the army and special band from the army followed by commendation awards handed in the evening at State House.


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