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United Republic of Tanzania  
  • Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere
  • Mh. Amani Abeid Karume
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Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency - RITA

Ease of Access

RITA registers Marriages and Divorces, and also issues certificates. Marriage and  Divorces is governed by the Law of Marriages Act, 1971 Cap 29 .R.E 2002


  • Fill Forms RGMF 9.
  • Proof of good cause to waive the requirement for 21 days notice.
  • Physical presence of the parties to marriage.
  • Passport size photograph of the parties to marriage.
  • Appropriate fee (District office Tshs 33,000/= Religious 11,000/=)
Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 19-11-2015
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