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Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority - TFDA

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The Tanzania Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 2003 restricts sale, storage or manufacture of food, drugs, and medical devices unless in premises registered by the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) and the manufacturer holds product license issued by the Authority. No person shall manufacture for sale, sell, and supply or store products regulated under Section 18 of the Tanzania Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 2003 except in premises registered by TFDA.



  • Contact the TFDA inspector of the area (District Pharmacist/Health Officer/Veterinary Officer/any other appointed person) in which the premises you intend to register is located.
  • Collect Forms for Application for Registration of Premises from the inspector.
  • Submit to the TFDA inspector duly filled application form for registration of premises.
  • Ensure that your premise is inspected by inspector of your area.
  • Pay the fees prescribed by the TFDA.
  • An inspection report is submitted to the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority, by the inspector, for consideration.
  • Obtain your registration certificate from TFDA headquarters or inspector in your area.
Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 20-11-2015
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