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Tanzania Commission for Universities - TCU

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The roles of Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) as stipulated in the Universities Act 2005, include the recognition, registration, accreditation and general quality assurance management for all public and private higher education institutions in Tanzania, their programmes, courses, students, staff and awards. Among other things, TCU coordinates the admission of students into various undergraduate programmes in Universities in Tanzania.


Admission of applicants into higher learning institutions is conducted through the Central Admissions System , which allows the following categories to apply:

i. Form Six Secondary Education

ii. National Technical Award Level six (NTA6)

iii. Full Technician Certificate (FTC) Teacher Education

iv. Applicants with Foreign Certificates.


i. Open TCU website

ii. Open Admissions Guidebook on TCU website to confirm that you have the necessary qualification of the preferred programme.

iii. Click “CAS” on the top menu of the TCU website to open the Central Admission System.

iv. Click Registration button.

v. Select your category (eg. Form Six or Foreign)

vi. Fill registration form accordingly.

vii. After filling the form click the Register button.

viii. A message will be displayed with your username informing you that you have successfully registered

ix. Login to your profile by your username

x. Enter your password (the one you created during registration).

xi. Click login.

xii. Click the Application button.

xiii. Select ONLY ONE PROGRAMME from those  university which still have available slots.

xiv. Click the confirmation boxes below.

xv. Submit your application.

Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 29-10-2018
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