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  • Mh. Amani Abeid Karume
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Tanzania Commission for Universities - TCU

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As per Universities Act 2005 and section 23[1] of the universities (Chartering, Registration and Accreditation Procedures) Regulations of 2006, a certificate of Provisional Registration is granted to a University or University College that has fulfilled the prescribed conditions.


  • Institution Proposed Charter
  • Institutional  strategic Plan
  • Land allocation of not that 50 hectares and evidence of title deed in the name of the institution
  • Furnished and equipped required buildings in accordance with the University’s approved strategic plan
  • Appointed a full time, qualified, competent and experienced Chief Executive
  • Established a system, and appointed and adequate number of qualified, full time of contractual competent and experienced academic staff for carrying out the initial and planned future programmes and
  • Draft Curricula for Initial Courses, students progress and performance assessment procedures and examination regulations
  • Clear and transparent procedures for the recruitment, employment and promotion of academic and administrative staff
  • A framework for sustainable capital and recurrent financing of the development and running costs for the proposed institution courses.
  • Systematically setup the university’s initial facilities for sustaining academic and administrative functions.
  • A University prospectus defining among other things, students admission requirements and procedures including fee and available welfare facilities and services


  • Applicant submits application to establish a university institution in Tanzania 
    in accordance with the Universities Act
  • Commission verifies information submitted by the Applicant (Due Diligence exercise)
    including compliance with foreign investment and anti money laundering laws
  • If cleared in step 2, applicant submits information required for grant of provisional
    license- project write up, action plan and timetable, (draft) charter, initial programmes,
    staff profile among others
  • If application is complete, Commission forms a Technical Evaluation Committee to verify
    information submitted in support of the application for a Provisional License
  • If the TEC report is positive, Commission grants a provisional license to allow the applicant
    setup the proposed university institution in the approved location
  • Applicant works in close contact with the Commission so as realize the establishment
    of the proposed university institution while addressing the quality assurance
    issues at all stages - programme design and development, facilities design and development,
    learning resources, staffing, bye laws, governance, administration and disciplinary matters, etc
  • Commission verifies progress on the requirements related to availability of programmes, facilities,
    teaching and learning resources and staff
  • Applicant submits application for Certificate of Accreditation and Charter
  • Subject to progress in step 7, Commission grants Certificate of Accreditation and register the university
    institution and allow it to admit students and issue awards in its own name
  • Commission submits the (draft) Charter of the accredited university for grant/approval by the President
    and then continuously carry out Quality Assurance activities as by the Act and Charter
Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 24-11-2015
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