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Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority - TFDA

Ease of Access

Section 28 of the Tanzania Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act (CAP.219) prohibits manufacture, sell, distribution, importation, or exposure for sale of any pre-packaged food unless that food has been registered with TFDA. In order to register food product in Tanzania the applicant is required to obtain the Guidelines for Registration of Pre-Packed Foods and the Tanzania Food, Drugs and Cosmetics (Fees and Charges) Regulations, 2011 from TFDA Head Quarter, Zone Offices, or through TFDA website, read it through and then follow the procedures.


Procedures :

  • Obtain and dully fill the application form for registration of pre-packed food from TFDA Head Quarter, Zone Offices, or through TFDA website  These forms have been annexed in the guideline. (Annex II for High Risk Foods for Special Nutritional Purpose, Annex III for High Risk Food for General Purpose or Annex IV for Low Risk Foods).
  • Pay a relevant fee as prescribed in the Tanzania Food, Drugs and Cosmetics (Fees and Charges) Regulations, 2011. Payments can be done as follows; for local applicants deposit into TFDA Account No. 6503900110 at National Microfinance Bank limited, OR by bank transfer to Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority, Account No. 100380013 USD, Citibank, Tanzania Ltd. Dar es Salaam- Head office Peugeot House, 36 Upanga Road, P. O Box 71625, Dar es Salaam Tanzania Swift Code: CITITZ.
  • Submit one application file in hard copy and a CD-ROM if any, samples and labels as prescribed in the guideline to the nearby TFDA offices.
  • Collect registration certificate for the food product from where your application was submitted in a period not less than 45 working days but not exceeding 60 days from the date the application was received at TFDA in case there is no rejection.


  • If the application is not successful the applicant will be notified via applicant postal address indicated in the application file.
Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 25-11-2015
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