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Parastatals Pension Fund - PPF

Ease of Access

PPF Pensions Fund registers members from both formal and informal sectors. PPF membership covers Government employees, Parastatal Organisations, Private Companies, Small businesses and Entrepreneurs, Farmers and Self-Employed personnel.



Sections 2(1) and 5 of the Fund’s Act provide categories of employers who are eligible for registration with PPF:

a) Any body corporate established by or under written law including

  • The East African Community;
  • Any corporation within the East African Community;
  • Any company registered under the Companies Ordinance upon registration and becoming a member.

b) Any company registered under the Companies Ordinance of which the Government or parastatal organization has shares;

c) Any body of persons, whether corporate or incorporate, upon becoming a member; and

d) Any parastatal organization upon privatization, lease, sale or liquidation.



Employee means any person employed by an employer as mentioned under item 1.2.1 above or any self-employed person in formal or informal sector. The eligible employees may be employed in contract for specified period, unspecified period or specified task. Click here to get membership registration form.

Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 25-11-2015
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