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Local Authority Pensions Fund - LAPF

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Section 15(1) of the Local Authorities Pension Fund Act No. 9 of 2006 provides that all employees in the service of a contributing employer shall with effect from the date of commencement of the Act be registered as insured persons. Section 16 (1), states that every contributing employer shall be registered and issued with a certificate of registration. The Act provides for registration of employers and employees in the following categories.

Categories of Employers
(a)Statutory Employers
  • Every Local Government Authority
  • The Local Government Loans Board
  • The Local Authorities Pensions Fund
  • Institutions owned by Local Government Authorities.
(b) Voluntary Employers
  • Every institution which decides to join the Fund upon payment of contributions
  • Any other category which elects to become a member of the Fund.
Categories of Employees
  • All employees in the service of statutory contributing employers
  • Any employee of an institution which elects to be a contributing employer.

 Registration Forms:

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