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Commission For Human Rights and Good Governance - CHRAGG

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Receiving complaints of human rights abuses and violations of the principles of good governance is amongst the main functions of the Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRGG) stipulated in Article 6(1) of Act No. 7 of 2001 establishing the Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance. The other related function  is to  investigate the complaints received and make recommendations. This service is free.

Complaints can be made by individuals, groups of people or institutions by writing a letter, visiting one of the offices of the Commission and by sending a short message using a mobile phone (SMS)  to the number  0754 460 259, starting with the word: “TAARIFA” or “REPORT”.


  • A letter containing satisfactory   explanation of the complaint.
  • The letter should contain a complete name of the complainant, address, telephone number and e-mail (where available).
  • The complainant should mention the name of the person, institution or authority being complained about.
  • The complainant should enclose photocopies of important documents – e.g. employment letter/letter of promotion in matters concerning employment.  



  • A full address/contact of the complainant and person/institution being accused so that the Commission can communicate with both sides.
  • In case you send your complaint by SMS, you will receive acknowledgement through the same phone number you used.
  • When your complaint starts being processed you will receive a message giving you a number  that you can use to  follow the progress of your complaint.
  • Information on receipt and number of your complaint will be communicated to you through a letter.
  • The number 0754 460 259 is for messages only, therefore do not make phone calls through it.

Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 20-12-2016
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