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Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency - RITA

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Birth certificate is an original and important document that gets recorded in the Births Register of the country where a child is born. This certificate includes information like place, year, month, day, date and time of the child’s birth. This is considered a very useful and important document is an identification to determine the person’s nationality and age.


  • Three passport size photography
  • Have at least one of these; Clinic card, baptismal certificate, School leaving
    certificates (Primary, Secondary)


  • Send an application through Rita email (
  • Fill the form and submit via email.
  • Attach one of these Clinic cards, baptismal certificate, School leaving certificates
  • Receive an email from RITA, with attachment of Affidavit Form, from Registrar General.
  • Print and fill the Affidavit Form, then attach with three (3) passport size.
  • Scan Affidavit Form and send the Form via e-mail.
  • Receive an email from RITA, which allow you to proceed with payment process.
  • Pay the described Certificate of Child under 10years - $14, above 10years and $20 Clear cheque - $20
  • Payments should be done through DHL, EMS etc
Source: Government Portal Content Team, Last Reviewed on: 19-11-2015
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