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United Republic of Tanzania  
  • Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere
  • Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume
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Site Security
For site security purposes and to ensure services availability to all users, the portal software employs commercial software programs that identify information modification, upload, and unauthorized attempts as well as monitoring the network traffic.

It is strictly prohibited to do any unauthorized access, delivery or attempt either to damage or attack (e.g. by malicious software) any page and content found in the portal.

The content contained within the portal reserves the right to deny or remove any link that contains misleading information or unsubstantiated claims, or is determined to be in conflict with Tanzania government portal’s objective.In addition, the portal links shall not redirect to any website that exhibits hate, bias, race, religious or tribal discrimination.

External Links Availability
Tanzania government portal links to other websites created and maintained by other public and private organizations.However, the Tanzania Government portal is not responsible to unavailability of any redirected website.

Shall anyone found to interfere with the portal security, legal actions will be taken accordingly.

Source: Government Portal Content Committee, Last Reviewed on : 2013-07-05 07:34:51

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